List of Macros across Office Tools

Here is a list of Macros I have written for various Office tools. Usually we feel that any repetitive task requires a macro. That is a wrong concept. Typically, repetitive tasks indicate that the method you are using is inefficient. Usually there is an efficient way to do the same job – which eliminates the repetition.

Macros should be written to create capabilities which you need but the product does not offer that feature. All the macros described below fall in this category.

Macros and related articles

  1. When NOT to record a macro in Excel
    Explains the when to use and not use Macros.
  2. Excel – Amount to Words macro
    A comprehensive macro to convert numbers to Words.
    Available only for Indian Rupees. 16 configurable parameters. Extremely flexible.

    Amount to Words : one of the most useful Macros I have written

  3. Excel – Macro to Explode Pivot table by Filter Field Items
    Very useful to create separate files based upon items in the filter area of pivot tables. The output is a working pivot table with filtered data only. This way you give the ability to use full features of pivot and prevent removal of filter to maintain confidentiality.

    PivotFilterExplode macro

  4. Excel – Paste as Pivot – New way to use Pivot table data
    Creates bulk GetPivotData statements based upon selected cells in pivot data (value) area. Very useful for accurately referring to pivot values outside the pivot table for creating custom reports.
  5. Excel – Scribble a line and generate data (and chart)
    A very interesting tool where you draw a freehand line and the data for it is auto-generated in Excel

    Excel scribble tool

  6. PowerPoint – How to create “Our Customers” Slide in seconds
    Resizes images in a SmartArt to fit them in the available space. Saves lots of manual work.

    how to create our customers slide in seconds by Dr. Nitin Paranjape

  7. PowerPoint – How to make a picture transparent
    Useful for creating transparent pictures and overlaying them on top of other shapes / text.

    transparent image macro

  8. PowerPoint – Split text into words or characters

    Split Text Macro

Do you have some requirement which needs a macro? Post it as a comment. If it is generically beneficial, I will try to create it for you.

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3 Responses

  1. Is there a tool/spreadsheet that can help me keep a log of number of words typed daily on my laptop across multiple word files automatically?

  2. Sir, Thank you for the tools shared which will be helpful in due course. I need your help in Macros. I have a file that tracks certain action items or activity to be completed by certain people by certain date. I need a Macro that can on the Run date, search the document for due dates, check if dates have passed by and the Action status is still Open (not closed) and trigger an email to email id of person responsible with the Action update and seek updated status. This is a monthly activity and would help if a Macro is developed to simplify this

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