YouTube chapter creation tool

Guest post by Raj Chaudhuri

Recently, YouTube added a feature to add live, interactive chapters to videos. Implementing it is easy. Just add a table of contents to the description. Many videos already have a TOC. The only extra thing required is to add the first entry as 00:00

Now, if you already have many videos, what to do? Find videos which already have a TOC. Go to the first line of TOC and add the Intro – 00:00 line. That’s it. Here is a tool to help you do that to existing videos with TOCs automatically.

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Enhance data after import using Power BI

We have already learnt how to import and clean data from various sources using Power Query (Transform). Once the data is inside Power BI Data tab (or Excel Data Model of Power Pivot), we can refine and enrich it further using various features like synonyms, custom sorting order, formatting, summarization and more. Watch the video for details – English as well as हिंदी versions are available.

English version of data shaping in Power BI
हिंदी version

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