How to Filter on Blanks quickly

A simple but very useful method. All of us use AutoFilter in Excel. The dropdown shows unique values in the column. Sometimes we just want to see the rows with blank cells. Unfortunately, the (blank) item appears at the end of the list. If the data contains many unique values, you have to waste time and scroll manually to the bottom of the long list. Often, after reaching the list we realize that we should actually have unselected all the items first. Then you go up again! Pathetic. Here is a smart way to Filter on Blanks instantly.

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Announcing Pivot Table to Power BI course

I am happy to announce that my first detailed training course is now up and running at Udemy. It is about Power BI. But it starts with what you already know – Pivot Tables. That is why the course is called Pivot Table to Power BI.

All the concepts of Power BI are explained in the context of Pivot Table. This way the new topic can be learnt much more easily and with confidence. The course focuses on the new Power BI Desktop and portal which does not require Excel at all. It is an independent system. You can sign up for Power BI for free and practice all the learning material included with the course. You can continue to use Power BI with your own data as well.

The course is priced at USD 50. But for a limited period of time, till 31 Aug 2016, it is available at 50% discount. Use the Promo Code  EFFICIENCY365 to avail of the discount.

Pivot Table to Power BI

Pivot Table to Power BI course

30 lectures, 2 hours of video, lots of sample files and exercises.

Unique features: Pivot Table to Power BI course

All the content is based upon practical business requirements.

There is no jargon used. It is ideal for regular users who have no knowledge of IT, analytics, programming or databases.

Even the sample files are so simple that you can relate to them.

We always start with concepts which are explained with beautiful illustrations. Then I show you a demo of how to use the concepts. Finally, you try them out yourself – so that you imbibe the knowledge.

Power BI can be a very involved topic. I have carefully chosen the topics which will simplify your report creation and MIS generation work. More complex, sophisticated and rarely used topics are not included.

The objective is to get you up and running on a solid foundation – without confusing you. You will learn the entire lifecycle from getting data, creating reports and sharing the dashboards.

Valuable information on data-clean up can save you hours of time on a daily basis.

There are 12 preview videos for free. Try them out and join the course.

Please share this with your colleagues, friends and loved ones.  Also, if you have any topic ideas you’d like me to cover, do let me know anytime by commenting on this post.

VLOOKUP based text grouping

You must read this article first: Grouping Text in Pivot Tables. This article explains how to combine multiple text items into a single group. This is used for classifying or for correcting spelling mistakes. If new items appear, they remain ungrouped. That way, you have to keep doing the Grouping update repetitively. An alternative is to use VLOOKUP based text grouping. Read on to find out how this is done.

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High-res Camtasia Video creation technique

Resolution of the final Camtasia output depends upon two things. The input and the output settings. High-res Camtasia Video creation means retaining the clarity and sharpness of the original resolution as much as possible. This is crucial for creating good screencasts, training content, video manuals and a variety of other needs.

Lot of excellent articles and videos are available on this subject. In spite of that, one simple thing is not very clearly identified. Most content out there talks about tweaking at the editing and output stage. These are important. But one crucial thing is to be understood first. I learnt this the hard way. Hence sharing it here.

High-res Camtasia Video - demo

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Adding only comments in Word

What if you want people to add comments but NOT edit the document itself? That is what I call Adding only comments in Word. This is possible! With just few clicks. Get amazed by the level of sophistication available in Word. Watch this video ( 8 min).

Don’t have time? I have also published a shorter version of the video (2:30 min)

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Data Audit using Pivot tables

I wrote an article about Data Audit using Pivot long back. Now, I have converted it to a comprehensive video. Have a look:

How to perform Data Audit using Pivot

Raw data can contain many columns and thousands of rows. Checking the consistency and accuracy of data cannot be done by simply scrolling and eyeballing the data. Too time-consuming.

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