Less effort, More impact.

Dr Nitin Paranjape can help you improve work efficiency using his FACT method. He has worked with 2000+ organizations and coached 331,000 professionals across 18 countries. His methodology is highly effective, easy to implement and provides tangible results quickly.

What is the FACT method?

How to apply thousands of features to millions of business needs for billions of people? 

The FACT method is the solution.


Dr Nitin has evolved this method from his experience of coaching 330,000+ professionals across 200+ customers and 18 countries. 

Engagement Options

You can reach us on +91 9820610144

Dr. Nitin is a coveted speaker and leadership coach. He has worked with CxOs across industries and countries. 

Decision makers love his “eye opener” sessions which are witty, practical and full of actionable insights.  

He will show you how Office platform can be a strategic growth driver. 

Yes. You use Pivot Tables everyday. Now it is time to find out the real power and nuances. 5.5 hours video, exercises, samples, Q&A.

Learn Power BI using the concepts you already know in Excel. Fast transition, in-depth coverage and immediately usable.