Doc (Dr. Nitin) is able to distil the full suite of tools and features to aptly address our pain point. We don’t need to know all the tools, just those that are most common and commonly misused. Sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know, and until we sit in your sessions, you make it apparent that we’ve been putting up with mediocrity and non-optimal ways of working. Your wry sense of humour helps us laugh at ourselves, so we then have that desire to change our way of working.
Office 365 Adoption Team
Large Bank in Singapore
It was a breath of fresh air listening to you the other day. It was like magic being performed. I am very pleasantly surprised to see how much one can do with Microsoft office. It opens up a whole new arena of opportunities. Thank you very much for a most impressive programme.
Meher Pudumjee
Chairperson, Thermax
Dear Dr. Nitin, Thank you for coming over to PLDT to open our eyes to the wonders of MS Office which before lay hidden from our awareness and use. You have given us an appreciation of tools that will help boost employee productivity in the office and will us make use of the full benefits of what Microsoft has envisioned. We share in your vision of helping others discover how they can work smarter and faster through maximizing the use of available technologies. You truly are a wonderful teacher and like in your previous profession of assisting in birth, you have given birth to new ideas in your short stay with us in our PLDT Training Campus.
Deng Kibanoff
AVP and Center Head, PLDT - Philippines Long Distance Telephone Company

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Images of Finance
Images of Finance

Join the Free Excel Efficiency Transformation for Finance Event
Sat 27th Feb, 3 pm IST