Drive Adoption using Dr Nitin's methodology

Procuring and migrating to Microsoft 365 platform is the easy part. The goal is to improve efficiency across the organization.
We want to quantify tangible improvements and maximize the ROI (Return on Investment).
This is not easy. Dr Nitin will simplify the process and help you get long-term and sustained productivity gains.

Why adoption initiatives fail?

Unfortunately, it is a long list. Click each link for details.
Despite spending time, effort and money, most initiatives fail. 

Microsoft 365 is a collection of integrated tools. It has thousands of features. Unfortunately, the platform is universally underutilized and misused. Once you understand this fundamental issue, you are already on the right path towards achieving efficiency transformation.

Dr Nitin's method

Proven to be effective across customer segments, industries and countries.
Leads to a motivated, efficient workforce. True digital transformation.

  1. Top-down + bottom-up approach
  2. Get active support from leadership
  3. Create large-scale excitement 
  4. Give all tools to all users
  5. Do NOT push training content
  6. Prove to users that they are inefficient
  7. Teach which tool to use when
  8. Standardize usage process for common scenarios
  9. Create and nurture adoption champions
  10. Quantify improvements
  11. Empower users to learn tools and apply 
  12. Create a healthy learning culture
  13. Proactively find use cases and apply the right tools / features

Thousands of customers across ASIA PACIFIC region have benefited from guidance from Dr Nitin. Over the last 20 years, Microsoft itself has been Dr Nitin’s expertise to drive adoption across key customers. There can be no better testimony to his ability, expertise and effectiveness of his approach.