Microsoft and ET webinar – Download Video

Thank you for making the ET webinar a record-breaking success. Driven by Microsoft and promoted by Economics Times, we had 700+ attendees, 60+ questions and phenomenal feedback. Download the webinar video (55 min, 100 MB, MP4) or watch it on YouTube.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQfa9dlBXm0?rel=0]

Read on to get a list of detailed articles on topics covered during the webinar.

The presentation

Many people asked for the presentation. I am making it available for download. Please note that some topics were not covered due to shortage of time.

Detailed Articles

I had to cover many topics during the webinar. Therefore, each demo had to be short and sweet. However, I have given below a list of detailed articles about various features discussed during the webinar. Have a look and explore more.

Feel free to post your queries here – as comments.

Word Styles

Be stylish – Use Word Styles
How to check coverage of a topic in a Word document
How to select things in Word
Did you know: Hyperlinking within the same document
How to reorder the topics of a long document instantly?
Building Blocks in Word – The ultimate reuse engine

Track Changes

Legal: You can be cheated using Track Changes
Too many Track Changes? Confused? Here is the solution!
Office Politics Secrets: Practical use of Track Changes
Office Politics: How to enable Track Changes without the other party knowing it!
Comparing Compare and Combine!

Excel Tables

Excel Tables
Best Practice: Always create a Table before creating Pivot Table
Green Marks Part 2: Formulas showing wrong results!

Flash Fill

Miraculous Automatic Data Cleanup in Excel
Data Clean up using Flash Fill (In-Depth)

Data Analytics and Visualization

Understanding Dashboards – the practical way.
Working with Excel data? There is a revolution happening. Learn Power BI
Instant, Interactive 3D mapping of your data – Power Map
Using categories with 3D Map
Uncover hidden secrets: 3D, Time Animated Map using Power Map
High impact data presentations using Power Map Tour
Using color to simplify interpretation and enhance analysis
Show High, Medium, Low values in few clicks
High, Medium, Low – visual categories – In-Depth
How to highlight entire row based upon value in a single column
Mini-charts: New method of visualizing data (Sparklines)
Mini Charts : Sparklines : Usage scenarios
Which type of chart to use when? No worries. Excel will help you!

PowerPoint Sections

Organizing long presentations using SECTIONS
Selecting things in PowerPoint
Jump to a different topic while presenting


Applied Knowledge: Show an Iterative Process using SmartArt
What did I learn today: Step Up and Step Down process diagrams
Applied Knowledge: SWOT and PEST analysis (PowerPoint)
Marketing: How to create “Our Customers” Slide in seconds
Video Tutorial: How to show collaboration in PowerPoint (4 min)
Boring to Exciting ppt – in few clicks!

Remove Background

Artificial Intelligence at work: Remove Background
Photo Makeover in Minutes
How to make pictures and videos transparent in PowerPoint
Simple to Magical – in 3 min
Tight Wrap in Word and more…


Enjoy! Red rose

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  1. Hi the video of May 6th webinar is not available. Can you please let me know from where I can download?

    1. Thanks Dr Nitin. After clicking the link, I get a message saying the video is no longer available, can you please check

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