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Outlook rules poster
Outlook rules best practices

We cover the nuances of using Outlook rules for multiple scenarios and cover best practices as well. There is one video which explains how to use Rules and another video

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Modern tooltips in Power BI - poster
Power BI Modern Tooltips

Power BI Modern Tooltips support drilldown and drill-through operations. Let us see how to build and use these rich tooltips. But that is not all. You can also use an

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OneNote tags video poster
OneNote Tags masterclass

OneNote Tags powerful and versatile. Many people do not use the full potential of tags. That is why, I created this video. Learn why we should use tags in the

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Social Media Marketing Strategies poster
Social Media Success Strategies

This is the summary of an informal discussion we had about social media usage. It contains ideas and best practices for effective and outcome based social media usage. Contributors These

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