Microsoft PowerPoint: Recommended Reading List

We already 135 posts in this blog. That is a lot. You may have read few of these posts but not all. I write articles in random order covering all products. This keeps all types of readers interested.

Now the time has come to give you a snapshot of what was covered by specific topic. Here is a list of PowerPoint posts – in the right order. You should go from first to last in the order shown below. This will increase your knowledge incrementally.


Copy Paste

Copy Paste – Part 8 – Opening a collateral file during a presentation

Copy Paste – Part 9 – Insert Object and PowerPoint Psychology

Simple solution to an irritating problem: Copy pasting slides

Minimum effort, maximum impact

Create a presentation in One Click

Boring Slide Makeover: Screenshots from Excel

Boring to Exciting ppt – in few clicks!

Arranging multiple pictures in few clicks!

Long presentation with photos in few clicks

Fail Safe Presentations: Best Practices

Simple to Magical – in 3 min

Show Off and Learn: Picture Organization Chart in 2 minutes

Applied Art – Ripple effect in PowerPoint

Video Tutorial: How to show collaboration in PowerPoint (4 min)

Show Off Demo – PowerPoint Transition “Crush”

Eliminate inefficiency

Manage complex slides with ease using Selection Pane

How to show Bottom Up approach in a slide

Custom Toolbar and Ribbon for PowerPoint

Just discovered: very useful shortcut in PowerPoint

Present Effectively

Create short version of a long presentation without copy paste

Create interactive presentation in few minutes

PowerPoint Graphics: Quick Demo

Reduce file size in PowerPoint presentations in few clicks


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