PowerPoint: Simple to Magical – in 3 min

This is a video blog. It demonstrates how you can take simple images and transform them into a magical result.


The ingredients

Two images. This one is from Office Online Clipart.


I captured this photo in a flight. Nice bright clouds on a blue sky.


The Result

Sample Presentation (3 mb) Download from here

See this video and learn the magic. There is no audio or music for the video.
It is self explanatory.

View in Full Screen mode with High Resolution (720 p)


  1. Click on the Settings wheel
  2. Choose 720 p. Wait for the wheel to stop rotating
    Now the wheel will have HD written on it
  3. Click full screen button. Restart the video from the beginning

PowerPoint features used

The primary feature used here is Remove Background in order to make the glass panes of the window transparent. This allowed us to insert the clouds behind the image.

See this post for more details about this brilliant feature.
Artificial Intelligence at work: Remove Background

The other feature used is a simple straight line animation. By making the animation slow we got a realistic and impressive visual effect.

I will cover animation in more detail in some future posts.

Show off this demo and use the concepts in your presentations.

Impress your friends and enthrall your audience. Enjoy Thumbs up

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