Microsoft Excel: Recommended Reading List

We already 135 posts in this blog. That is a lot. You may have read few of these posts but not all. I write articles in random order covering all products. This keeps all types of readers interested.

Now the time has come to give you a snapshot of what was covered by specific topic. Here is a list of Excel posts – in the right order. You should go from first to last in the order shown below. This will increase your knowledge incrementally.


Scroll horizontally with Alt Page Down in Excel

How to create Table of Contents in Excel

Data Accuracy and Cleanup

BFSI: Makers and Checkers: Save Time and Eliminate Errors

Excel data cleanup using Word!


How to edit a formula in Excel

Copy formulas automatically and accurately (even with blanks)

Excel Tables

Data Analysis

Mini-charts: New method of visualizing data

Mini Charts : Sparklines : Usage scenarios

Working with Excel data? There is a revolution happening. Learn Power BI

Did you know? Pivot Tables can increase the file size!

Introducing Power Pivot – do you need it?

Using Power Pivot instead of VLOOKUP

Facebook analytics using Excel 2013 Power Query: Without programming!


Try it now: International Phonetic Converter

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