PowerPoint Graphics: Quick Demo

For the previous post, Mouse as a learning tool, I created this graphic in PowerPoint…

PowerPoint Graphics

The idea was to show mouse and learning in one attractive artwork. I thought it would be useful to explain how this graphic was created. It required few minutes to create.

It started with simple Office online clipart of a brain scan (search for “Brain photo”) and a photograph of a mouse (Microsoft Hardware site).

Here is the video. No commentary. No music. Just ONE minute to do it.

View it in High Res – 720 P and Full screen so that you can see the menu interactions in detail. I have not used ZOOM this time.
(In short videos, Zoom takes up time and it also confuses the viewer)

[youtube http://www.youtu.be/aV-Uu4fTqu4]

Enjoy. Do post your feedback and comments.

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