Show Off Demo – PowerPoint Transition “Crush”

Want to impress your friends and also learn in the process? Here is a nice demo. Presentation is attached. Just use it and show off Smile

Powerpoint transition crush demo by Dr. Nitin Paranjape

The scenario

PowerPoint is used for many different things. One of the commonest is to change perceptions. So let us say you want your audience to move from something undesirable to something desirable…

Here are some practical examples

  • Old version to New version
  • Competitor product to Your product
  • Bad habit to Good habit
  • Inefficient process to Efficient process
  • Low performance to High performance

You need two slides.

First one showing the thing to be discarded and

Second slide showing the thing to be purchased / adopted.

That is why you need a transition!

We are transitioning from bad to good, slow to fast, old to new…

Whenever there is a thought transition – you need a transition.

Next question… which transition?

There are many transitions. In PowerPoint 2013, there are 46 transition (47th is called RANDOM – which should never be used!)

Technically, you can choose any transition – PowerPoint is really helpless there.

But if you want to have the right impact, you must choose the RIGHT transition.

In this case, a new transition is very effective. It is called CRUSH.


have a look…

Crush Transitition Demo Download Presentation

Play with the duration to optimize the impact.
If you want to rub it in – slow down.
If you want to be suggestive but not offensive, make it faster.

Do you want me to write 46 articles to explain each transition?

Or you are going to do something about it?

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