Power BI Modern Tooltips

Power BI Modern Tooltips support drilldown and drill-through operations. Let us see how to build and use these rich tooltips. But that is not all. You can also use an entire page – with multiple visuals as a tooltip. Tooltip Pages make interpretation of data easier and more contextual. Watch this video to learn all about tooltips. Power BI Modern Tooltips is a preview feature (as of Dec 2022).

Video: Power BI Modern Tooltips

Watch video: 13 min. English captions and Hindi subtitles.

Topics covered

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  1. Introduction – 00:00
  2. Default tooltips – 00:39
  3. Enable modern tooltips – 01:36
  4. Add more fields to the tooltip – 02:16
  5. Drill down and up using the tooltip – 02:50
  6. Create a tooltip page – 04:30
  7. Link visuals with tooltip page – 06:311
  8. Customize the tooltip page – 07:35
  9. Create second tooltip page – 08:07
  10. Choosing specific tooltip page – 09:03
  11. When to use page tooltips – 11:39
  12. Limitations of page tooltips – 12:00


  • Default tooltips have always been there for all visuals in Power BI.
  • The default tooltips show logically relevant information for every plotted data point – like x and y axis values.
  • Now Microsoft is introducing modern tool tips.
  • You need to enable modern tool tips as of today – December 2022. Because currently it is a preview feature.
  • Once enable the modern tool tips automatically support drill down. Drill down, drill up and drill through operations depending on the visual and the fields available in the visual.
  • This is extremely useful because the standard drill related arrows are very confusing, whereas the tool tip is much more intuitive and natural.
  • Another type of tool tip is to create a page containing visuals and then treat it as a tool.
  • Once you set a page as a tool, you can also define which visuals will automatically use this page as the tool tip.
  • This is done by specifying one or more fields at the tooltip page level.
  • This way, without changing individual reports in the visual. Relevant visuals will get the benefit of page tool tips.
  • Smart use of page tool tips can enrich a report. minimise user intervention and provide more information with minimal effort.

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