OneNote Tags masterclass

OneNote Tags powerful and versatile. Many people do not use the full potential of tags. That is why, I created this video. Learn why we should use tags in the first place, how to use them and when to use which tag.

Video: OneNote Tags

YouTube video: 8 min, 40 sec.


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  1. Introduction – 00:00
  2. Find the best tags for yourself – 00:31
  3. To Do tag – 01:26
  4. Other To Do tags – 02:31
  5. Meeting In-Attendance tag – 02:44
  6. Apply Multiple tags – 03:27
  7. Tag images and ink (handwritten notes) – 03:54
  8. Create Custom Tags – 04:35
  9. Finding tags – 06:14
  10. Search Summary Page – 07:56
  11. Find original page – 08:09

OneNote Tags Summary

  • Tags add more meaning to your notes.
  • Tags are like Colour categories in Outlook. But here you can have icons along with colours.
  • You get many built-in tags.
  • The first nine tags in the list have built-in shortcuts: Ctrl 1 to Ctrl 9
  • The list of tags is long.
  • Therefore, identify the tags you need and move them to the first nine positions.
  • The To Do tag is like a checkbox. It can be checked or unchecked.
  • You can apply more than one tag to one paragraph.
  • You can also apply tags to images and handwritten notes (ink).
  • Ctrl 0 removes all tags.
  • Tag search shows a separate pane.
  • It shows a list of where each tag appears.
  • Decide where you want to search (the scope) and then search.
  • If needed, you can also create a separate page which shows the search results.
  • You can create custom tags: Select an icon, a colour and a highlight.
  • Custom tags move to the top of the list – so that they get shortcuts automatically.
  • Use tags to your advantage.

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