Organize Meeting Notes using OneNote

Join the event on Saturday, 24th April, 3 pm IST (GMT +5.30). Too many meetings happening. Lots of new initiatives and projects going on. Learn how to manage all the notes and action items in a simple, yet structured way. Use a meeting note template to simplify work. Whether you like to capture notes on a laptop or mobile or just write using pen and paper, you can link the meeting notes to specific meetings. Find notes about a meeting in two clicks. This helps you capture meeting notes in Outlook calendar.

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OneNote is powerful. It can even link your notes to the audio recording of the meeting. That way, if there is a dispute, you can quickly jump to the exact discussion point in ONE CLICK. Create a meeting notes template to standardize various types of meeting requirements – formal, information gathering, reviews and so on.

Mobile version of OneNote is also very powerful to capture ideas and meeting notes. Of course, there are many mobile apps for capturing notes. Then why OneNote? Because it integrates with the Office 365 platform very well. Creating notebooks on OneDrive (instead of local drive) makes it easy to capture meeting notes on mobile and sync to all other devices automatically. OneDrive also integrates with Teams and helps you create a shared notebook for the entire team handling projects.

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Install OneNote – it is FREE

Microsoft has made OneNote completely free on all platforms – Windows, Mac, Android and iOs. Download and install OneNote from here.

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Join the Free Event
Sat 15th May, 3 pm IST

Join the Free Event
Sat 15th May, 3 pm IST