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How and why to use Immersive Reader

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    1. Thanks. Check out my other best practices videos as well.

      Efficient Tasks Management – https://youtu.be/vLFpWVfUfQ8

      Microsoft Teams – 15 Best Practices – https://youtu.be/W8Ufx_znKxI

      Smart and Effective Email – 5 powerful ways – https://youtu.be/6NEFSMqHgQE

      Outlook Calendar Best Practices : Part 1 – https://youtu.be/GzsQnecjAQo and Part 2 – https://youtu.be/padKH8ys5Cs

      OneNote – Best Practices – https://youtu.be/m-4AY1cMi8s

      Microsoft 365 Best Practices – https://youtu.be/kVC_YcL5ObU

      Word Tables Best Practices – The ultimate guide – https://youtu.be/ueKCHxNUOkA

      Cheers. Doc.

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