Microsoft Teams: Knowledge Pack

Here is a list of articles I have written so far about effective usage of Microsoft Teams.
If you would like me to cover some missing topic or a specific area of your interest, please post it as a comment. This is a live book. As I add more articles about Teams, this list will be updated.

  1. What is Microsoft Teams
  2. When to use Microsoft teams
  3. When NOT to use Teams
  4. Notice the notifications
  5. How to reply in Teams – Common Mistake
  6. One person Team – how to use Teams alone!
  7. List of Microsoft Teams connectors
  8. How to handle too many Teams
  9. Use Teams Zoom
  10. Teams Call Mute Shortcut Shift + Ctrl + M
  11. Minimize button in Teams Screen Sharing
  12. Teams Private Channels Best Practices
  13. SharePoint vs. Teams
  14. Where to store files with Office 365

2 Responses

    1. Teams creates a place for you to manage your work along with your team. You may need various apps, documents and data to manage your work. Teams cannot cater to everyone’s unique needs. That is why it allows you to add whatever you need into the team. The + sign in channels shows 200+ apps which can be added to Teams. You can also create an integration with your custom apps and data. That is why – by design – Teams is a universal container.

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