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One person teams – why and how to create it

Of course. The name of the product suggests that it should be used when you are working with others. You + one or more other people makes a team. Agreed. We should use Teams when working with others.

Can I use the Teams app to work only with myself? The answer is YES.


Why does it make sense? Because, at heart, Teams is just a way of consolidating all kinds of work activities in one place.

Thoughts + Documents + Notes + Data + Tasks = Team

By and large, the kind of work we do has not changed much. The new thing is how we put all these together in a single place – one place for one topic or initiative or project. Till now the answer was – there is NO single place. It will be a file folders+ server shares + lot of mails + OneDrive + SharePoint sites + data files + reports + task lists and so on. Multiple places to manage multiple things. Which basically means chaos.

Now Teams offers a SINGLE PLACE for accessing many kind of things. Stuff will continue to be stored in multiple places – that has not changed. In fact, these potential storage locations have increased!

Teams = Teamwork across technologies

Teams is just a way to put it all together in a single context. Consolidate all the variable and unpredictable components of whatever work you do. It is teamwork across technologies as well – not just across people.

Start with your Job Description

What are these initiatives which require you to work independently? Well, just have a look at your Job Description (JD). Every item mentioned there is YOUR responsibility.  I am sure you are already working on these things. But where is all the related work being seen? How are you tracking it?

Ready for Teamwork

Although you may start work on some topic initiative alone, sooner or later, you may need to involve others. At that point, you just have to add that person as a member. Everything needed to work with that person efficiently is already laid out very well because it is in the Teams app. Think about it … Planned readiness for collaboration!

Try it out and let me know if you found this useful.

Read Teams Knowledge Pack for more articles.

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