Microsoft Teams Conversation common mistake

Microsoft Teams is a convenient way of working with colleagues without cluttering mailboxes. You post a conversation inside the Teams app and others can reply to it.

The common mistake is that instead of replying to your question, people start a new discussion. Here is how you prevent the mistake. Click on the Reply button.

Teams - How to reply

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2 Responses

  1. Is there a similar approach to disentangle the flow of conversation in Teams Chat? A lot of the discussion is currently in the chat window.

    1. Short answer: No.
      Chat is for ad-hoc work with short-term context.
      Using it for a discussion or conversation – which is usually not a ad-hoc and has long-term context, will lead to confusion.
      The additional effort required to scroll and correlate is the minor problem.
      Most important problem is, even if you put that extra effort, you may not understand everything that is there.
      More input and less output means Inefficiency.

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