Zoom Knowledge Pack for High Impact Demos and Presentations

I wrote many articles recently about using ZOOM while presenting. I originally thought I will write only one article, but ended up writing 6.

This Zoom KNOWLEDGE PACK will guide you to the right article, depending upon what you need.

How to zoom a document?

In most cases pressing the CTRL key and Mouse Wheel Scroll will work.

If not, the application will provide its own mechanism of zoom. Usually there is a zoom button or slider on the status bar.

What we are discussing below are situations where the DOCUMENT ZOOM is not enough. We want the full screen to be zoomed to show details.

Why do you need to zoom?

While presenting in PowerPoint – you may want to show details of a diagram, photograph, schematic, circuit, chart, SmartArt or graphic.

While demonstrating or teaching software applications, PowerPoint cannot be used. The demo shows live interaction with the software. For better clarity, the entire screen including the user interface, dialogs, menus, etc. must be magnified. This increases the impact of your demo and also enhances the retention.

Zooming in while presenting slides.
PowerPoint 2013 has a special zoom

This is built-in to PowerPoint. That is why it is easiest to use.

Read details: PowerPoint 2013: How to use Zoom to show details

If you do not have PowerPoint 20123 or above, then you have to use the methods shown below for zooming in during a presentation.

Full Screen Zoom using Windows

This uses Windows Magnifier, which is primarily designed for people with eyesight problems. However, it is also extremely useful for zooming in while conducting demos and presentations. Two articles explain this in detail:

High Impact Demos : Use Zoom explains the core concept.

More about Zoom and What did I learn today: Great feature in Windows Magnifier explain the magnifier in greater detail – covering various powerful options.

Zoom on Touch devices

As tablets and touch laptops become more and more common, it is important to understand how zoom works in these situation. There is more to zoom than Pinch Zoom!

Read this article to find out how touch and zoom work together:
Windows Magnifier (Zoom) and Surface Pro

ZoomIt – for zoom with annotations

There is a separate article which covers a very versatile Zoom utility created by Microsoft. The amazing ZoomIt utility


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