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YOUTUBE chapter creation tool

Guest post by Raj Chaudhuri

Recently, YouTube added a feature to add live, interactive chapters to videos. Implementing it is easy. Just add a table of contents to the description.

Many videos already have a TOC. The only extra thing required is to add the first entry as 00:00. See details below.

Now, if you already have many videos, what to do? Find videos which already have a TOC. Go to the first line of TOC and add the Intro – 00:00 line. That’s it. That is exactly what the YouTube Chapter Creation Tool does automatically for you.

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Internet speed test with Fast.com

Very short blog. Speedtest.net or dslreports.com are commonly used for checking Internet speed. Here is https://fast.com as a quick and ad-free alternative. Try it out. I find it to be the best Internet speed test out there.

It is created by Netflix. They wanted users to have a quick way to check bandwidth with no bloatware around it. It also performs what is called as a “Loaded latency” test – a modified Ping test.

fast.com speed test results

Click Settings to adjust how long it tests the speed. This is useful if you expect fluctuation in the speed over time.

Paste as Pivot – New way to use Pivot table data

I created this Paste as Pivot utility (macro) along with Raj Chaudhuri. It helps you in copying cells from Pivot Table and pasting them as GetPivotData functions. You must read this article about GetPivotData in order to understand the background information.

Paste as pivot macro

Estimated reading time 8 min

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New Excel Tool: Scribble a line and generate data (and chart)

This is a utility I created along with Raj Chaudhuri many years back.Use the scribble tool to draw a waveform or shape, the utility will create the data for it.

Excel scribble tool

You can then create a line chart which looks similar to original drawing.
Try it out.

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