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Efficiency365 Test 2: Word- Fit table inside the page

Here is a new way of learning. I give you a sample file and a task to perform.

Do it your way .. and then check it against the most efficient method.

The Task

Word Test File Download, unzip and open

There is a table which has gone outside the page.

Word challenge - fit table inside the page

Your task is to fit table inside the page using the most efficient method. Simple. GO ahead and do it.

If you already know how to do it and you think your method is efficient, then scroll down and check the answer.

Blank space left here intentionally. Scroll down to find the answer.


























Inefficient methods

This problem irritates most people. They are in a hurry to get the table in. They try various things to get the job done.. unfortunately, most of the methods are absolutely inefficient and time consuming.

Here are some inefficient methods. Some of them are ingenious – but still inefficient!

  1. Convert to landscape mode, see if the table edge is seen, drag it in and change to portrait. If it still goes beyond page, repeat the process!
  2. Increase page size and drag the table inside, change back to original size. Repetition may be required.
  3. Select Table and play with column widths in the Layout ribbon
  4. Select Table, Cut it, paste it into Excel, adjust column widths, copy and paste into Word. Requires repetition in most cases.
  5. Convert table to text and convert it back to table

The basic issue is that WE ARE TRYING TO HELP WORD.

That is wrong. Word was created to help us.

Therefore, whenever you are faced with a situation for which you don’t know the answer, DO NOT take the responsibility of solving the problem on yourself.

Remember that Microsoft has spent 25 years perfecting this product. So rest assured that there is already a solution to the problem you are facing.

Just try to find the solution in the available user interface. Right click and the ribbon are two places.

Go to Layout tab – because this is a layout related issue and look at all options. Try to guess which option will be relevant in this scenario. Eliminate options which are absolutely irrelevant for our task at hand.

Soon you will realize that AutoFit is the most probable choice.

The answer: AutoFit to Window

Click inside the table – Table Tools – Layout tab.

Open AutoFit and choose Fit to Window.


Please understand that if there are too many columns, Word cannot do a good job of this AutoFit. Word is limited by the page size. Therefore, there are practical limits on how many columns can be fitted while maintaining the legibility.

Few options to fit more columns are to reduce the font size, make it a landscape page or increase the page width.

While you are at it, try to learn the practical usage of other two options as well.


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