Teams Approvals

Teams has a brilliant app for approvals. Even today, many approvals happen on e-mail, attachments, chat and then we have to follow up if there is a dispute. It’s difficult to know exactly what happened when all those problems are solved when you use Teams Approvals app. It gives you 24 ready-to-use and customizable templates. Alternatively, you can create your own templates. Learn how to use Approvals.

Teams Approvals Video


  1. Install Approvals app – 00:20
  2. Export to csv – 00:52
  3. Send a simple approval request – 01:04
  4. Approving the request – 01:44
  5. Create Templates – 02:32
  6. Create a template – 02:52
  7. Using templates – 04:12

Approver options

While using the simple approval, the requester can add one or more approvers manually.

While creating templates, you have the option of pre-defining the approvers.

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