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Adobe Firefly Text Generator – AI Text art

There is a lot of hype about AI in design, but most of these allow you to type what you
want in text and then they generate the image. Almost all of them do not work properly with text, so
if you ask them to include some text in the generated image, it usually does not work at all. So
this is where the new. Adobe Firefly text generator is different. Firefly does have an image generator,
but it also has a dedicated text effects generator. Learn how to use Adobe Firefly.

Adobe Firefly Text Generator best practices


  1. Introduction – 00:00
  2. How to use Adobe Firefly – 00:21
  3. View and learn prompts – 00:33
  4. Text and prompt – 00:49
  5. Copy or export – 01:10
  6. Watermark – 01:31
  7. Giving feedback – 01:43
  8. Effects, fills or textures – 02:07
  9. Text Fit – 02:23
  10. Fonts – 02:35
  11. Colors – 02:40
  12. Where to use it – 02:49
  13. Summary – 03:01

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