OneDrive File Sharing – deep dive video

Despite the popularity of Microsoft 365, many customers are not using OneDrive file sharing efficiently. In this video, we cover detailed demos and explanation of why you should use OneDrive for storing files and use links to share files. It also covers Teams File Sharing best practices. Security, Privacy and Compliance is also included. This is a 90 minute video.

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OneDrive File sharing video – Table of Contents

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Best Practices for File Sharing using OneDrive and Teams

Send attachments only if it is a business or legal requirements. Otherwise use links. This way you get full control over the file sharing process. It also eliminates the need to copy paste from document versions sent to you by others.

Store new files to OneDrive

Never save files to local drive. Store files on OneDrive. You still have the local copy available. However, the advantage is that it is automatically synched across devices.

Change default sharing option to Specific People

This is a OneDrive File sharing best practice for the IT team. The default sharing creates an anonymous link. Of course, you can – and you should change the default to Specific People. This is equivalent to sending a file by CC. Direct links are safer because forwarded links do not work. Read more details here.

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