Create YouTube TOC from Camtasia

In this short article, I will show you how to create a YouTube TOC from Camtasia – TSCPROJ file. This uses PowerShell. But don’t worry. You just have to type two commands!

The TSCPROJ file is a JSON file. PowerShell can easily parse it and give you all the TOC marker information, formatted exactly as you would want to add as YouTube TOC in the video description.

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Step by Step: YouTube TOC from Camtasia

Here are the steps. To simplify things, I am just giving the bare minimum steps. You do not need to understand any complex stuff about TSCPROJ file format, JSON or PowerShell programming. This will work on any Windows 10 pc or above.

  1. Start PowerShell
  2. Go to the folder containing TSCPROJ using the CD <path>
  3. Type the commands
$y = (Get-Content <put your filename here> | ConvertFrom-Json)
$y.timeline.parameters.toc.keyframes | select-object {"{0:hh\:mm\:ss}" -f [timespan]::fromseconds($_.time/$y.editRate)}, value >toc.txt

That’s it. Open the file toc.txt to see the output. All the markers are shown in this format:

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:30 Problem
01:04:23 Solution
01:23:11 Summary

Now you can copy paste the content to YouTube video description to create TOC.

Disclaimer: In future, if the TSCPROJ file format changes, this code may break. This works with Camtasia version 21.0.15.

Raj Chaudhuri Avatar
This elegant solution was created by my friend Raj Chaudhuri (GitHub, LinkedIn)

He has created lot of powerful Office macros as well. Here is GitHub link.

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