Why is OneDrive called “ONE” drive?

This is not just a brand name. The word “one” is the key to understanding how to use OneDrive. That is why everyone should know it.

OneDrive for "One" person

Two meanings of word “ONE”

ONE copy of whatever you store there

This is very important. Many of us create documents and store them in local disk (My Documents). We then upload the document to OneDrive (or any other cloud storage). That is NOT the right way. The ONE AND ONLY copy of the file must be stored in OneDrive.

If you have two copies – one on local PC and other on OneDrive, you will get confused.

for “ONE” person

Yes. OneDrive is for ONE person. All files stored in OneDrive are visible only to owner of that OneDrive. NOBODY ELSE can see these documents – including your IT team, your boss or anybody from Microsoft.

Therefore, it is very safe to store files there. Only you can see, edit or delete them.

Of course, on demand you can choose to share a file with others. Even then you can choose whether they can edit or view.

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