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How to zoom in\out within Teams

Have you tried the Teams Zoom feature? It can make your life easier.  This works in the Desktop and Browser editions. Not on mobile app. Try zooming in and out and choose what suits you best.


Teams Zoom keyboard shortcut

Use Ctrl + to Zoom in and Ctrl – to Zoom out.

Why use Teams Zoom

Zooming In makes it easier to read and notice details. Find what level is comfortable for your eyes and the type of work you do. It will help you reduce eyestrain and work more effectively.  Sometimes, Zooming out also helps to get the overall picture.

I use Teams Zoom for demos

I am conducting lots of sessions for customers almost on a daily basis. Teams is one of the products I cover. When I am showing Teams to audiences who have not seen it before, showing it in Zoom mode is very effective.The audience can appreciate various parts of the user interface and learn how to use it fairly quickly.

Teams Zoom using mouse

Press the CTRL key on keyboard and use the mouse Wheel.

Teams Zoom using menu

Go to the top right corner where you see your user icon. Click on it to open the dropdown. Use the + and – keys to Zoom In or Out.
The last button is to reset it to 100%.

Teams Zoom controls

Zoom levels

Minimum is 60% and Maximum is 200%. You can cycle through following steps – 60, 70, 85, 100, 120, 145, 170, 200.

What is unique about Teams Zoom

There are two types of Zoom. Screen Zoom and Document Zoom. All Office tools (and many other apps) support document zoom.

Zooming makes the DOCUMENT grow bigger (or smaller). The menus (ribbon / UI) does not increase in size.

Teams is unique in the sense that the entire application behaves like a document. Therefore, when you use Teams Zoom the UI as well as the content becomes bigger.

For all other products, in order to Zoom in to the UI, you have to use Windows + and Windows – (Magnifier).

Teams efficient usage video

Related Video – Teams Video – live session recording – 6669 min

Other places where zoom in is useful

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