PowerPoint Editing Magic: zoom in + zoom out view

Small little feature, but extremely useful if you edit lot of complex PowerPoint slides. Make sure you are editing a single slide.  Adjust zoom to make sure that you can see the whole slide. The PowerPoint Editing Magic button is in the View tab – New Window. This creates two windows for the currently open presentation. Move between these windows using View tab – Switch windows. It will show you the same slide in both windows.

PowerPoint Editing Magic - New window option in View tab

In one of the windows, zoom in to the slide so that you can see it in more detail. Edit whatever you want to and then go to the other window. (Alt – Tab also works). Here you can see the same slide at regular size. This eliminates repetitive zoom in and out activity and helps you get the desired results faster.

PowerPoint Editing Magic - window showing zoomed-in , detailed graphic        PowerPoint Editing Magic - zoomed out full slide shown in the other window

The same concept of new window can also be used when you are editing a layout or slide master and want to see the results instantly.

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  1. Used this technique frequently in excel when referring 2 sheets of the same workbook, helps to switch between sheets when there are multiple sheets and want to work on only 2 using Alt+Tab instead of other options

    1. Hi Nimesh
      Thanks for the additional information.
      Yes, you are absolutely right. In fact, here is the article I wrote about it earlier https://efficiency365.com/2014/06/19/new-window-part-3-excel/
      Also note that in Word and Excel there is Synchronous Scrolling available. This is useful for eyeballing similar data / documents.
      Of course, this is not a perfect method of comparing data or text. In Word, use Compare option and in Excel use Inquire tool for precise comparison and highlighting changes.

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