In-depth: Customize Quick Access Toolbar Precisely

QAT is a great way of putting commonly used buttons just one click away. I found a nice way of adding buttons at the right location. Read on to find out how…

The Need

You must read these articles to understand and utilize the power of Quick Access Toolbar. In brief, it is a way of creating a custom toolbar by adding buttons which you use commonly. Right click on any button and then choose Add to Quick Access Toolbar.

Another benefit is that you get convenient keyboard shortcut Alt 1 to Alt 9 for the first nine items. The idea is to put the REALLY most commonly used buttons in the first nine positions.

To reposition items in QAT, right click on QAT – Customize QAT and use the up / down arrow buttons to rearrange items. Unfortunately, drag-drop does NOT work here.

When you have many items in QAT, adding and rearranging a new item to a precise location requires repeated clicking on the up / down arrow button.

I just found a better and faster method of position a newly added item to the desired position in QAT – without rearranging.

The Solution

This solution will not work if you are adding a new button to QAT by right clicking on it and choosing Add to QAT. It will work from the Customize Quick Access Toolbar dialog.

The dialog shows existing QAT buttons on right side and available buttons on the left side. If you are searching for a particular button, choose All Commands from the dropdown above the left side list. (By default, it shows Popular items).

Now find the item which you want to add in the left side list. But do NOT click on the Add button yet. (If you do, the new item will be added at the bottom of QAT items).

Go to the right side list and position the cursor to just above where you want the new item to go.


Now click the Add button. The item is added BELOW the currently highlighted item on the right side list.


Of course, there is no way of adding a new item in the FIRST position. Add to second position and move up once.


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