Creating FAQ documents using Styles

Frequently Asked Questions type of documents are made frequently!

It is a collection of questions followed by answers.

Here is a brilliant way of creating a nicely formatted FAQ document with minimal formatting effort.

create FAQ documents easily with Dr. Nitin Paranjape

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FAQ documents

These are questions followed by answers. This is how a typical document looks like.



  1. We want all questions to be numbered automatically.
  2. Each question is followed by an answer.
  3. Answers should not have numbering but should be indented to align with questions
  4. Questions should look visually different from the answers.
  5. We don’t want to format each question and answer manually.
  6. After typing a question, answer formatting should be applied automatically.
  7. After typing answer, question formatting should be applied automatically.

Let us see how to achieve this using Custom Styles in Word.

View the video

Download Sample FAQ

This document contains the Question and Answer styles defined, along with some sample questions and answers.

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