Jul 2014 Quiz Winner, Answers and Related Articles


Congratulations Pranay Mehrotra for getting all answers right with minimal attempts and faster than everyone else. You will receive your voucher by mail. Please send us your email id  on nitin@maxoffice.biz. Kamal Karnatak was the fastest to solve the quiz.
However, he replied after the published Quiz ending time.

Questions, Answers and Related Articles

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  1. If you add a shape and make the border transparent, does the width and height reduce?

    NO. It does not. The width and height does not count the border width. Removing the border reduces the visual width. Not the actual width.

  2. To get the right side shape from the left side shapes which operation is required in merge shapes?

    Combine Shapes.
    Show Off Demo: Create new shapes in PowerPoint
    Merging Shapes – Part 2

  3. Excel add-in to capture data from web pages and remember the steps for future reuse is called…?

    Power Query
    DO NOT copy paste data from browser. Use Power Query.
    Bad Data to Good Data: Filling in gaps using Power Query
    Facebook analytics using Excel 2013 Power Query: Without programming!
    Working with Excel data? There is a revolution happening. Learn Power BI

  4. Which feature of Excel allows us to highlight data by changing its formatting based upon specific criteria which we can specify?

    Conditional Formatting
    Worst Practice: Using formatting as a substitute to information
    Using color to simplify interpretation and enhance analysis
    Show High, Medium, Low values in few clicks
    High, Medium, Low – visual categories – In-Depth
    How to highlight entire row based upon value in a single column

  5. What does the FIT option under CROP do in PowerPoint?

    Fits the entire image inside the container shape. Maintains the aspect ratio.
    How to crop images and videos?
    How to Crop – Part 2

  6. What is the combination of fonts, colors and shape effects called in Microsoft Office?

    Understanding Office Themes

  7. In Microsoft Word you can have two different headers for two different sections. To do this you must switch off a setting. Which one?

    Link to Previous
    Word Sections – Part 3 – Headers and Footers
    How to create a formal document in Word?

  8. What do green marks in top left corner of Excel cells mean?

    Some potential error which you must handle before trusting the data

    Auditors, Risk Managers, Everyone: Did you know? These green marks are WARNINGS!! Green Marks Part 2: Formulas showing wrong results!
    Green Marks Part 3: More error handling
    Green Marks Part 4: Inconsistent Formulas
    Green Marks Part 5/5 (Background Error Checking in Excel) 


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