Knowledge Pack: Using the Mouse

Yes. I know you are using mouse for decades.

Still, trust me, there is more to it than you know.

You need it. Please read and share these articles.


Estimated reading time 10 min

How to use mouse effectively

Here are the articles. This is the recommended order of reading. Even though touch and stylus are making inroads into daily computing, mouse is not going anywhere.

  1. Using Mouse Efficiently – Part 1
  2. Using mouse efficiently – Part 2 – Buttons
  3. Using Mouse Efficiently – Part 3
  4. Mouse as a learning tool (Using Mouse Efficiently – Part 4)
  5. New Excel Tool: Scribble a line and generate data (and chart)
  6. The amazing ZoomIt utility
  7. How to draw on-screen during a presentation
  8. Did you know PowerPoint has a laser pointer inside it?
  9. Minimize all windows = Clear your mind!
  10. Easiest way to learn – Right Click
  11. Did you know Right Drag Drop works?
  12. The art of selection
  13. Increase efficiency by using or CREATING keyboard shortcuts

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