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Don’t save files to your Desktop

Dont save files to desktop - Dr. Nitin Paranjape

Don’t let that happen. Stop using Desktop.

It is easy to say that. But EXACTLY how to stop using it?


Option 1: You WANT to use the desktop

Hide all icons on desktop and use Desktop from File Open / Save dialogs

Option 2: Stop using it as a file folder

Open Desktop in Explorer. Open My Documents in another Explorer window. Move all files from desktop to relevant folder(s) under my documents. Hide all icons on Desktop

Hide all icons on the desktop

Right click on any empty area on the desktop. I know it is difficult Winking smile but there is a way… Right click in the area shown by the red arrow. Choose the option shown by blue arrow.


What to do with the empty desktop?

Option 1: Use a pleasing, inspiring image there

Option 2: Keep it blank – put black color – use it to reboot your mind when you are tired, confused or disturbed

Option 3: Use it for learning Smile

How to view the desktop quickly

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Press it again to come back to where you were.

Windows 7 onwards the rightmost area of the taskbar can also be used to view desktop quickly.


Hover the mouse cursor over the area shown with Yellow arrow. It should show desktop automatically. If you move the cursor away, you are back to where you were.

If this does NOT happen, try a click in that area. Desktop will be shown. Another click will get you back.

If you want mouse hover to work instead of click, then right click in that area and choose this option


How to use the desktop for learning?

General idea is this. Create an image containing whatever you want to learn. Set it as the desktop background.

Right click on the desktop – Personalize – Desktop Image – Choose image

Learn a new word to improve vocabulary or

Learn new technical terms from a subject of interest or

Use the desktop posters for learning Smile

Next article will have the first poster – on Outlook

Why not use Desktop to save files?

Actually I was not going to write this section at all. Because, I am sure all of you have faced all kinds of problems due to this bad habit.

But then, on second thoughts, I will document the disadvantages anyway…

  1. Files are shown as ICONS by default. Filenames are very long. So it is impossible to see the full filename. This leads to confusion because you often end up opening the wrong file or the wrong version of the right file. Pathetic! Devil
  2. Although Desktop is just a file folder, it was originally designed for invoking common applications. Now you have much simpler methods of starting common applications by using the Pin to Taskbar method.


  3. Saving to desktop is like saving all files to a SINGLE folder. Obviously, all kinds of files get mixed up leading to more and more confusion – finally leading to complete CHAOS.
  4. This is an obvious one – but still we don’t realize it – The Desktop has LIMITED space. If you keep adding files there, soon you will NOT see files which are going beyond the screen Sad smileAngry smileGhost

I am sure there are more problems … but I guess this much is enough to convince you !

2 Responses

  1. Thanks for sharing this one Dr. Paranjape…. I did clean up the desktop finally and am replacing with the Wall paper you shared:-) Hope to see better days ahead.

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