Efficient Browsing using Internet Explorer

Everything in this article applies to Internet Explorer V 10 or above.

Quick reference to common actions performed using IE.

Open link in a new tab – without disturbing current page

Click on the link while pressing SNAGHTML28edac4d

Open link in a new tab and go to that tab

Click on the link while pressing SNAGHTML28eef279

New blank tab = SNAGHTML28f02116 SNAGHTML28f08f9e

Use Hide Tabs option – prevent embarrassment!

It shows the sites you visited recently…. This can be a nightmare during a presentation or online screen sharing session Sad smileGhost This can also occur if few of your colleagues were sitting next to you to do some common task.

To avoid that, there is one small, inconspicuous option called Hide Sites on the new tab. Click it Once to ensure your browsing history is never shown to others.


Ideally create a separate user profile for demos and presentations to avoid this and many other problems!

Right click on browser tab and learn!


Copy pasting text from browser


OneNote automatically inserts the link to the web page when you paste!

Do you browse many sites and
note down something about each site you visit?

Common scenarios – sourcing vendors, recruitment, pre-sales research, market research, finding venues for events, searching for training / consulting companies

efficient browsing using Internet explorer - by Dr. Nitin Paranjape

Repetition = Inefficiency image

Solution: OneNote Linked Notes

Open OneNote


Screen splits into two areas

If you are doing this for the first time, a message appears. Read it and click Ok.


Open any browser page, type notes on the right side

Repeat this for any number of web pages

When you finish click on this button


Close the browser and go to your notes

See the Internet Explorer icon?
Hover on it and then click on it – Magic happens!


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