How to use Bing Chat – using ChatGPT

ChatGPT is used by Bing Chat to give you amazing results. Learn how to use it efficiently.

Bing chat best practices video


  1. Introduction – 00:00
  2. Bing Chat vs Chatgpt – difference? – 00:04
  3. How to get Bing Chat – 00:22
  4. Bing Chat demo – 00:40
  5. Asking the right question – 01:23
  6. Bing Discover Pane – 02:10
  7. Insights – 02:39
  8. Compose – creative text – 03:00
  9. Brand name suggestions – 03:19
  10. Summary – 03:38

Key difference – ChatGPT vs Bing Chat

ChatGPT gives amazing answers. But it does not tell you where it found the answer. Sometimes it is just imagination. Sometimes, it is coming from valid sources. Therefore, validating the answer requires additional effort – more traditional search.

Bing Chat solves this problem. It also provides answers using ChatGPT behind-the-scenes. However, it also provides you links to the base sites where it found the information. This way, the results are more reliable and easy to fact-check.

Key difference – Bing chat vs traditional web search

Traditional web search – using any engine like Google, Bing, or others – gives you many search results. First few results are often advertisements – promoted items. If you want the right answer, we usually skip the ads. The non-ad top results are not necessarily the best result – unfortunately. Why? Because which items come on top depends upon the search engine optimization of the site and content.

Often, great and authoritative content creators are not good at SEO and hence there results are less likely to come on the top. Due to ever decreasing patience and attention span, most people do not take the trouble to try out multiple result items to check which one is the best or most suited.

Therefore, traditional search means lot of effort and not necessarily the best outcome.

Bing Chat solves this problem by giving you ONE result – which is guaranteed NOT to be an advertisement. Furthermore, it gives you direct references to the sites from where the answer was assembled.

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