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Teams Whiteboard – 5 min learning

Teams meetings are common but Teams whiteboard is a lesser used feature. In this video you can learn about the amazing features whiteboard offers. More Importantly, you will learn WHEN to use it.

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Teams Whiteboard Templates

Whiteboard gives you 48 templates. Have a look at the list and see which of them are applicable to your work. These are essentially the reasons or situations where whiteboarding is better suited – instead of regular meeting with ppt.

  1. Brainstorming
    1. Brainstorm
    2. Brainwriting
    3. Topic Brainstorm
  2. Problem solving
    1. Assumption grid (certainity and risk level matrix)
    2. Cause and effect (fishbone)
    3. Cost benefit analysis
    4. Customer problem statement
    5. Gap analysis
    6. Five why’s gap analysis
    7. Importance / feasibility analysis
    8. Rose, thorn, bud (Positive negative potential or success challenge potential)
  3. Design and Research
    1. Affinity diagram
    2. Moodboard
    3. Empathy Map
    4. Feedback Grid
    5. Kano model
    6. Simple journey map
    7. User Interviews
    8. User story mapping
  4. Strategy
    1. Feature goals
    2. Goal setting
    3. SWOT analysis
    4. Success Matrix
  5. Project planning
    1. Daily stand-up
    2. Jobs to be done
    3. Kanban
    4. Product backlog funnel
    5. Program Increment (PI) planning
    6. Project kick-off
    7. Team alignment
    8. Team planning
  6. Retrospective
    1. Quick retrospective
    2. 4L’s retrospective
    3. House retrospective
    4. Mad, sad, glad
    5. Sailboat retrospective
    6. Start, stop, continue
    7. Team retrospective
  7. Games
    1. Choose your favorite
    2. Two truths, one lie
    3. Where in the world
  8. Workshops
    1. Brainstorm workshop
    2. Team alignment workshop
  9. Learning
    1. Compare and contrast
    2. Exit ticket
    3. Glows and Grows
    4. KWL
    5. Lesson plan
  1. How to share a file in Teams Chat for everyone to edit
  2. How to play music during Teams meeting
  3. Allow users to create Teams
  4. How to play music during Teams meeting

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