Data Entry using Microsoft Lists

Learn how to use Microsoft Lists for data entry and multi-user data capture. Stop using Excel. Eliminate the need for multiple file copies, copy paste and manual consolidation. Get direct, live and auto-refreshable reports in Excel and Power BI. Manage security of data – each person can see and edit only their own data. Automate what happens after data is added. Choose from a wide range of data types. Learn everything about using Microsoft Lists. Watch the video and learn from detailed Q&A.

Microsoft Lists – event video – watch, try and learn

2 hours – includes 1 hour of live session + extensive Q&A

Microsoft Lists video Table of Contents

Use this TOC to jump directly to a specific topic within the video. Remember to watch the extensive Q&A where common questions are answered in detail – with demos.

  1. Intro
  2. Problems with Excel based data entry
  3. How to start using Microsoft Lists
  4. Create a new List for lookup
  5. Version History
  6. Create new list for data capture
  7. Types of columns
  8. Lookup from another list
  9. Enter data into a list
  10. Using views in a list
  11. Sharing a list with others
  12. How to prevent people from editing other’s data
  13. Multi-user data entry
  14. Adding column to know who added which row
  15. Export to Excel
  16. Refreshing data in Excel
  17. Auto-refresh while opening the file
  18. Create Pivot Table report from a list
  19. Adding Lists to Teams
  20. Automating actions after data is added to list
  21. Power Automate Demo
  22. Q&A

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