YOUTUBE chapter creation tool

Guest post by Raj Chaudhuri.

Recently, YouTube added a feature to add live, interactive chapters to videos. Implementing it is easy. Just add a table of contents to the description.

Many videos already have a TOC. The only extra thing required is to add the first entry as 00:00. See details below.

Now, if you already have many videos, what to do? Find videos which already have a TOC. Go to the first line of TOC and add the Intro – 00:00 line. That’s it. That is exactly what the YouTube Chapter Creation Tool does automatically for you.

YouTube creation tool

Obviously, this is best done programmatically using YouTube API. My good friend and genius developer, Raj Chaudhuri, has already done this programming. Here is the GitHub link for the YouTube Chapter Creation Tool. Modify it as per your requirements. The code will be refined further based upon your inputs.

Screenshot of the tool

How to add chapters manually to a YouTube video

In the description, add a table of contents. The first entry in the TOC should be 00:00 and remaining entries must be in logical ascending order.

Add Intro 00:00 item in description

That’s It!

Now when you run the video, the chapters will be visible video seek bar at the bottom…

YouTube chapter details UI

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