Best headphones for online meetings

Guest post by Anindo Ghosh

Quick, reliable and practical analysis covering pros and cons. Must read if you conduct lot of meetings online throughout the day.Choose from 4 available options.

If these do not fit your needs, post what you need in comments. Anindo can recommend the right one for you.

Option 1: Plantronics Voyager, lightweight headset with active noise cancellation earpiece, noise cancelling boom microphone, bluetooth, optimized for VOIP and speech clarity:

Reviews are solid for full-day office use: http://lyncinsider.com/third-party-skype-for-business-products/device-review-plantronics-voyager-focus-uc-headset/

Pricing in India is unreasonable: Original global MRP is roughly 21k INR, but it’s selling in India for more than twice that. Worth exploring various sources for a more reasonable price.

Option 2: Logitech Zone is a slightly heavier headset with ANC and directional noise-cancelling boom microphone, both wired and bluetooth versions exist, but only bluetooth version available on Amazon India. Optimized for voice quality (you mentioned use for recording videos) rather than VOIP:

Logitech Zone Wireless Headset

Reviews are generally positive, but with two recurring critiques: 1. The headband is all plastic, some reports of it snapping on rough use. 2. Mic volume is low out-of-the-box, but recent firmware download addresses it.

Option 3: Poly (Plantronics) Voyager 6200 UC is the lightest one, but of course, therefore the weakest ANC. Bluetooth, ANC earpieces (in-ear, for those who are uncomfortable with over-ear headphones), noise cancelling integrated quad microphone (no boom). A bit overpriced. https://www.poly.com/in/en/products/headsets/voyager/voyager-6200-uc

Cannot find it in stock locally at the moment. However, still needs to be considered if over-ear is totally not comfortable.

Option 4: Realistically, the noise handling capability (mic as well as headset) is directly proportional to weight, as ANC needs mass to work with. So, if you want the best quality, your Sony 1000XM3, or the equally heavy Sennheiser MB660 which was my earlier headset before my Sony, are the only realistic options. Warning: There is no mute button while you are in a call.

I do not recommend the Sennheiser because while the headband is a metal + plastic combo, the plastic portion broke after 2 years of heavy use, and Sennheiser does not repair it in India, while overseas it is covered under warranty for 3 years.

So conclusion:
If over-ear is OK then Option 1.
If recording videos is more important than calling, then Option 2.
If over-ear is NOT ok, then Option 3.
If discomfort and weight is acceptable in exchange for quality of mic, then Option 4.

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