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Difference between a Webinar and Video Content

I create content for many customers and vendors including Microsoft. Often there is a discussion about the difference between a live webinar and an offline video.  Here are the differences between the two. A live webinar is easier to deliver to a live audience. But creating an appealing and high-impact video is far more difficult!

Item Webinar Video content
Audience Live audience connected remotely using Skype, etc.. No audience while creating the content
Impact During the webinar delivery Viewing after publishing
Script High level topics with live demo. The content plan is written with live audience in mind. Detailed script with every sentence and associated visuals pre-defined
Editing and Post-production No editing. It is necessary to upload the actual content. Editing and FX are used to increase the appeal, simplify delivery of knowledge and explain concepts / processes
Interactivity Live Q&A, discussion Comments, Shares, Likes, Discussion, embedded hyperlinks, table of contents
Objective Awareness creation Awareness creation + In-depth coverage + Skill Transfer
Purpose of uploading the
As a reference point for those who attended the webinar As an authoritative place to learn about the specific topic
Time required to create a 10 minute output – for the same topic 10 minutes 2 days
Information density Low High
Viewing lifespan During the webinar.

Video posted after webinar is not seen at all.

This is because the webinar was designed for online engagement. Offline, it is boring and distracting.


Videos are designed for high-impact, getting attention and sustaining it. Lot of planning is required to make videos engaging.

Promotion required Before webinar – to maximize live attendees After publishing – to maximizing viewership
Cost Low. Because time is spent for actual delivery only. High. Because time is required for every step and detailed planning, production and post-production.

Your experiences may be different. Do post comments and queries here. Thanks.

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