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How to sync shared OneDrive folders

OneDrive has a sync (like all other cloud providers). Sync creates  a local copy on your PC, Laptop or Mobile phone for selected files or folders. The local copy can be edited while offline. But what about folders shared with me by others? Here is how you can sync shared OneDrive folders.

There are files other agencies / partners / dealers / distributors / consultants share with you using OneDrive links. These files do NOT appear in your Sync list by default. If you work with multiple associates or business partners or consultants, such shared files are very important.  Let’s explore how to do it.

Syncing shared Ondrive folders

Go to OneDrive and click on the Shared area. This lists all the files / folders that are shared with you by others. Another option is, just click on the sharing link sent by another person. In either case, you will see the shared folders.

Do you see “Can Edit” written below the folder name? If yes, it means you have edit rights on these files. Now you can sync these with your base OneDrive. If you do not have Edit permission, sync will not work.

Right click on the folder and choose Add to my OneDrive. Now go to your regular OneDrive Files – and you will see the folder there. Is this folder now going to get synchronized automatically? No. Not so fast!

Sync shared OneDrive folders            SNAGHTML3bdf81c

You now go to your device / mobile / laptop and add this folder to the list of synchronized folders. Now onwards, the sync will happen automatically.  Now it will be easier to manage project progress since there is only 1 file instead of multiple versions of files flying around.

It does sound like a cumbersome method, but trust me, it is actually very useful in real life. Try it out and then you will understand. Cheers.

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