Camtasia: Application specific mouse button mapping shortcut

While removing breathing sounds, I needed to double click hundreds of times on the timeline. That is cumbersome. So I used a spare button on the mouse to map it as a double click button in a single click – saving my joints from lot of damage! Read on how it was done. This article is only for frequent users of Camtasia.

The Learning for EVERYONE is that in some cases, for specific application, you can make special use of mouse by customizing its button actions.

The Need

I have a sound waveform like this. with lots of breathing sounds interspersed throughout.

How to remove it? Yes – either use noise reduction in Camtasia or use an external product. I know that. But whatever you do, it DOES have side effects on the remaining audio. I did not want that to happen.

The real solution is to be careful while recording audio. Which I am practicing and trying to perfect.

In the meantime, I decided to do the removal of each breath sound MANUALLY. Select the area and Insert Silence – right there within Camtasia.

This is laborious. I mark the range by dragging the in an out markers. Insert silence.


Then I move the play-head to the beginning of the next breath sound. The problem is that I have to double click to get the in/out markers to the new place along with the timeline head.


That requires a double click. And potentially, I would have had to double click at least 1000 times! That would be a painful exercise for my fingers and wrist.

Therefore, I found a solution of getting a single click give me the effect of a double click. Of course, this cannot be done in Camtasia. But it can be done at mouse level.

The Solution

I use a Microsoft Mouse. In the Mouse and Keyboard center, there is a very powerful option – Application Specific Settings.


Now I can choose a particular application – Camtasia Studio in this case and customize what any button does. I used the wheel click button and remapped it as Double Click. That’s it.


Depending upon your needs and how many extra buttons you have, lots of things can be done in an innovative manner. It is not a business benefit. It is a medical preventive measure!

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