(in)Efficiency Tests – Check your skills

As we are using Microsoft Office for decades it is quite natural to ‘feel’ proficient in using it. But you have no idea how rampant the inefficiency is. To help you prove this to yourself, I have created simple Efficiency Tests. Try one or more of these tests and then you will realize the problem. Nobody needs to know the results – except yourself!


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Choose any test you like. You are given a problem to solve – you solve it using the method you know – and then check whether that was the most efficient method.

If your method matches with the efficient one (or is better than the solution)
then you win.  Otherwise also you WIN. Because – now you know the right way!

The tests are not designed to make you feel bad. The purpose is to educate using a challenge. Some solutions are given within the same article (scroll a little) whereas some solutions are separate articles.

Enjoy. Post your comments. Share with friends and colleagues. Help me make the world a more efficient place.

Did you feel bad that you should have known this simple but useful thing long back?

Why did you not know it earlier? Not because it was difficult – not because you did not need it but just because you NEVER LOOKED FOR IT.

Key Learning

Start exploring and start benefiting

Discovering YOUR benefit behind every feature is called the Efficient Mindset.

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