Excel Tables 7 – Freeze “Pain”killer

Simple one. But deserves a separate article so that the world takes notice!


The Need

Tabular data contains headings in the first row. When you scroll down, the headings disappear. This requires us to manually do a split and freeze pane for first row. This works is painful to do it every time.

If you have two tabular blocks of data in the same sheet which are starting on different rows, you can obviously freeze only ONE of the headers. This is inconvenient.

Both problems are now solved by using Excel Tables.

Create a table and scroll

It is so simple. But still people do not notice it. When I show it, I have to zoom the screen to 400% for people to notice it. Just goes to show that we are not aware of most of the visual cues which Office is constantly giving us – to make our life easier.


This is a table. Column headings are visible right now. The Excel column headings C, D, E, F, etc. are also visible. Now see what happens when we scroll down…


Notice that instead of C, D, E, F the actual column names were shown. This happens automatically.

The active cell must be inside the table

Otherwise it does not work.


Multiple tables? No problem

If you have two tables, you can choose which table you want to view the headers for by clicking inside it.


Click in the orange table to see its headers.


There is no way to see headers of both tables. Because active cell can only be ONE cell.

What Next

We will see how Table automatically copies many things other than formulas in the next article.

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