How to conduct a survey in SharePoint

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Thank You page after survey completion

Usually after a survey we need to communicate the following:

  1. acknowledge that the survey data entry is complete
  2. reassure the respondent that the data is saved
  3. thank the respondent for their time and effort
  4. inform them about when the survey results would be out
  5. provide any other relevant information

Unfortunately, SharePoint survey does NOT do this. It just goes back to the results page.

Depending upon the rights given to the respondents (which usually would be just Readers), they can only see the results. But even that is usually confidential.

We would like them to go to a separate Thank You kind of page which addresses all the issues listed above.

How is this done?

  1. In a document library, create a page containing relevant information
  2. Copy the URL of that page.
  3. Now append the URL of this page to the Respond to survey URL
  4. Send the combined URL to respondents
  5. Now, when they finish the survey, they will be redirected to the Thank You page.

The final URL looks something like this:

Base Survey Response URL : http://<your survey form>/newform.aspx?source=http://<ThanksPageURL>


Even if redirection is done to the Thanks page, smart users who understand SharePoint URL structure can still see the results of the survey. How to prevent that from happening?

  1. Add a dummy field which has a default arbitrary value.
  2. Create a survey VIEW which has only this dummy field.
  3. Keep that as the default view.
  4. Now anyone with viewer permission can only see the data containing one irrelevant column. That’s all.


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