Irritant: Cannot see ALL Control Panel items

You want to see all items.

Control Panel shows grouped items.


Here is the solution.

How to see all control panel items - Dr. Nitin Paranjape

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The problem

In older version of Windows, we could see all Control Panel items in alphabetical order. Now these get grouped like this. It looks more structured and nicer. The problem is that you have to know where each item belongs. You may have to search for it. Worse still, some items do not belong to any of these categories.


Solution is simple but difficult to discover

This is what you do. DO NOT struggle with these categories and sub-categories.

Look at the top of the window where Control Panel is shown in the Address Bar.

Move the mouse cursor there and you will see an arrow at the end.

If you still do not see the arrow, click on the phrase Control Panel. The arrow will appear.


Click the arrow and choose All Control Panel Items.

That’s It. The entire list is shown in alphabetical order. You can change the sort order if required. Now you can find that elusive item of yours easily.


So simple but difficult to discover!


2 Responses

  1. You can also click on “View By : Category” on the top right hand side and choose Large / Small icons.

    1. Dear Someone
      Yes you are right.

      I am aware that the “View by: Category / Large icons / Small Icons” option exists. But I chose not to mention it. Why?

      Because it is a bit confusing. It makes the user feel that the same options (by category) will be shown in large icons.

      Ideally these options should have been named
      All items (Small Icons) and All items (Large Icons).

      That is why I have specified a simpler method which describes the context clearly – “All Control Panel Items”

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