Feel like the BOSS: use Stylus!

If you are the boss, flaunt it! Do you have a stylus?

Then use it like a boss. Here is how you do it…

Be the Boss - use stylus. By Dr. Nitin Paranjape

Estimated reading time 7 min.

Who is the boss?

In the context of Office, boss is the person who gets documents and reports ready-made!

Someone down the line creates it and you just view it, review it, correct it – or better still – ask them to correct it.

Great. You have arrived!

But how do you do that? By choosing Insert – Comment?

No No No.. there is a more bossy way available – provided you have a stylus!

Office with stylus

All Windows devices with stylus provide this feature. If you have a TOUCH enabled laptop, you may not have a stylus – check with your hardware vendor.

Surface Pro is the best known set of hardware which comes equipped with this by default. Of course there are lot of vendors who have similar devices- check them out.

How to use stylus with style!

Having  stylus is one thing but using it in style is a completely different matter. Style does not come by default – you need to learn it!

But it is very easy.

I am talking about Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Open the document, pick up your stylus and move it near the screen …
Even before you touch the screen, the stylus will be detected and you will see a new TAB (menu) called PENS added automatically.

Before stylus


After stylus


Now that you have the Pens menu, choose the color of your choice and adjust the thickness of the pen. Then just write whatever you want ON THE SURFACE of the document (pun intended!).

In the case of OneNote, the Tab (menu) called Draw is always available. Pens and Draw menus offer similar options – you can draw or highlight things, select and manipulate your annotation.


That’s all there is to it.

Here are the results…




Word Ink Comments

Word 2013 – Read Mode (View – Read Mode) gives you a very special treat… Ink Notes.


Just highlight any text in the document with stylus and press the tip of the stylus for couple of seconds inside the selection. Use the option Ink comment. Click that option and then you see a sort of a mini-notepad.

Just write the comment and send the document. Even if the other person does not have a touch device with stylus, they can see the handwritten comment.


Nice – is it not? Try it NOW. Feel like a BOSS Winking smile


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