How to maximize efficiency using Office 365 – CXO perspective

image This is the 365th article. I started writing this blog on 31st October 2013.

This is a re-recorded video of my session at Microsoft APAC Leadership Forum.


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Session Background

I conducted this session at the APAC conference. It was attended by top CIOs from all APAC countries. The session duration was short and the recording was noisy. So I re-recorded the session with the same presentation and demos.

This session explains how to enhance efficiency across the organization using Office 365. It also shows how to maximize the Return on Investment.

Usually I focus on specific features and deliver demos. However, in this session, I have covered aspects which will be relevant to corporate leaders.

This is a 38 minute video. Download it from OneDrive and play it. The streaming playback from OneDrive is not recommended, although it may work if you have good bandwidth.

Download and View the video

Download it from OneDrive.

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how to maximize efficiency using Office 365

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