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Excel risk Mitigation

This article is for CFOs, CEOs and other members of Senior Leadership Team. It requires just 10 minutes to read. But it will reduce your personal as well as organizational Operational Risk significantly.  Notice the green mark  below.
This is the biggest Excel risk.

Excel Risk - Demo

If you see even a single green mark, you should send the file back.
Ask the sender to handle all the green marks and send the revised file to you.
Of course, they may not know what you are talking about.
Ask them to read these 5 articles: Knowledge Pack: Green Marks in Excel

The rule is, Excel sheet with Green Marks should not be sent to anybody. It is the sender’s responsibility to remove all errors – not the recipient’s.

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Office 365 Worst Practices – Part 4 – CXOs don’t understand its benefits


When I say CXO, the CIO is not included. CIOs do understand what Office 365 is.  But when it comes to educating the CXOs, there is a problem. Whatever they say, it sounds technical and confusing. In many cases the only thing CXOs understand clearly is that CAPEX is going to become OPEX and the deal is signed!

Office 365: Worst Practices

In this article, I don’t delve upon the problem too much. I will give you the solution. A simple and jargon-less description of what Office 365 can do to an organization – if used correctly.

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