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Search for photos with matching color

PowerPoint has theme colors. Each design (template) has a different set of colors. You want to find particular photos / images which match the theme colors. Sounds like a difficult task? Not at all. Use Insert – Online Pictures – Pexels. Install the software and search.  Type the keyword and click on the color you want. Try it out now. For details read this article.  Here, I searched for orange colored cars. 

image  image

That’s it. Simple and effective.

PowerPoint Illustration Best Practices

Please read the PowerPoint Clipart / Online Picture articles before reading this one – Part 1 and Part 2.  PowerPoint Illustration Best Practices covers how to find relevant images and how to use them efficiently.

The first thing to notice and understand is that images searchable on the web are NOT free for all to use randomly. Let us address this issue at the outset.

PowerPoint Illustration Best Practices - one picture is better than 1000 words

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PowerPoint Graphics: Quick Demo

For the previous post, Mouse as a learning tool, I created this graphic in PowerPoint…

PowerPoint Graphics

The idea was to show mouse and learning in one attractive artwork. I thought it would be useful to explain how this graphic was created. It required few minutes to create.

It started with simple Office online clipart of a brain scan (search for “Brain photo”) and a photograph of a mouse (Microsoft Hardware site).

Here is the video. No commentary. No music. Just ONE minute to do it.

View it in High Res – 720 P and Full screen so that you can see the menu interactions in detail. I have not used ZOOM this time.
(In short videos, Zoom takes up time and it also confuses the viewer)

Enjoy. Do post your feedback and comments.